Why You Keep Failing

Do you ever find yourself trying to accomplish something over and over again but just can’t seem to go anywhere? Is not reaching your goals forcing you to give up? If you answered yes, you join the large crowd of people everyday who can’t seem to achieve their targeted goals and feel like they are wasting valuable time doing so. The purpose of this article is not to beat you up or call you names because you’re failing, the purpose is to help you look at what your doing wrong so you can assess those points and re-establish a better game plan so you can finally reach your goal in a realistic time frame and become more successful in life. There are many things one can do wrong while attempting to achieve a goal whether it’s short or long term, so lets go over some of these wrongful points and see how you can change them:

1: Your Not 100%

If you’re not 100% eating, breathing, and living the process to achieve a certain goal you will not acquire your full potential and probably will never achieve that goal. Here is a few examples I see on a regular bases: You try for one day or week and then stop, you have to much free time not being spent on trying to achieve this goal, Your not consistent, you continuously find your self saying ” this week will be my week “, You know the correct paths to take for success but you’re to scared or nervous to take them, and lastly the most common one ” I don’t have time “. If you correctly assess yourself and find ways to incorporate more effort / time into achieving a certain goal, you will see results. You must do something different to see different results, don’t be an oxymoron.

2: You Keep Taking The Same Path

If you drive down the same road everyday it isn’t likely to end up in a different location at the end of that road than you did yesterday. If you find yourself trying over and over again but can never see good results it might be time to try a new process or ” Path “. Although it sucks to fail it is very important to learn from failure, take a few pointers from what you did wrong and adjust next time. Maybe you’ve tried different paths and keep ending up in the same place, well maybe you need to start somewhere different, for example: John is trying to win a date with Suzy and every day John tries a new pick line but Suzy blows him off every single time, but one day John gives up and starts talking to Suzy as a friend instead of trying to pick her up like before, and all of a sudden Suzy invites him to dinner. The point is John started from a different stand point than he did before and his ultimate goal was achieved because he was coming at Suzy from a different angle, the whole process was changed from Start to Finish. Hopefully you can use my corny dating example into real life situations but if not here is some good pointers to begin with if your trying to ” change the path “: Find newer better process than what you used before, stop and asses why you failed last time and adjust, And lastly look at or ask others for advice about better ways to achieving your goal.

3: Your Not Seeking Help

Some people never ask for help when trying to accomplish something. I even find myself not asking for help at the grocery store when I can’t find the pickle isle. You do this because you want to give yourself a challenge and accomplish something on your own so no-one can share the success with you. This sometimes is a bad thing and here is why. Sometimes asking for help, even if is is something extremely simple, can carry you to take a large leap forward and keep the ball moving so you can easily be one step closer to achieving a specific goal, compared to struggling and possibly taking steps backwards if you were to try and do it alone. Most people don’t ask for help because of certain reasons, so lets go over a few of these reasons ( excuses ): They are to embarrassed or nervous to seek help, their Macho Man independent attitude won’t let them ask others, they don’t know who or how to ask, and they don’t think anyone will help them. If you fall under the category of people who use these excuses you need to stop and rethink why you’re doing so. It is so easy to just ask 1 or 2 people for simple help, and even if they say no what’s so bad about that? All you have to do is ask, they might even refer you to someone that can help better than they can. If you seek help in just a few things that you struggle with, you will find yourself taking larger leaps forward in your process of trying to achieve a goal.

4: You Don’t Truly Want To Achieve

I find myself trying out new hobbies and activities all the time, and sometimes I set personal goals within these new hobbies such as, Finishing a new book before Friday or trying to catch more fish than I did last time. But sometimes these goals don’t get accomplished and one main reason for this is because I’m not dedicating a lot of effort in doing so. If you’re trying to achieve a goal that you’re not really that interested in or you really don’t even care if you achieve it or not, you most likely will not get close to ever achieving that goal. If this sounds like your issue you need to go back to where you started and ask your self ” why am I doing this “. If you don’t know why you’re doing it, it might be time to pick a completely new goal because it isn’t reasonable to waste your time trying to achieve something you don’t truly want. Here are some pointers to look at when you’re tying to pick or re-establish a goal: Are you 100% motivated towards this goal? What do you want to do most in this world? Pick that for your goal. What is the end result and is that worth it? Once you stop and think about this you will have established in your head what you want and need to do. On other hand if someone is forcing you or you feel like you have to go down a pathway someone else has laid out for you, you need to tell that person that you are living your own life and you are GOING to make your own decisions, because you have one life and you should live it to its full potential.

5: Your Not Educated Enough On The Topic

If you have your goal set, you have your game plan laid out, and you have people who can help it is still easy to fail. One of the most important pieces to the puzzle is knowing the field that your goal falls within, whether that is fitness, business, sports, or finances. If you never have studied nutrition and you want to loose 65 pounds, you could try 100% for months or even years but the results wouldn’t be anywhere comparable if you were to read one nutrition based textbook from the beginning. I believe there is a process that one must go through to learn the most possible within a field, and that process goes like this: 1- Gain personal experience within the field until you understand the community and social style of that field, 2- Research topics within that field especially the topics you have no knowledge on, do this until you reach a point where you understand the field in a more complex way, 3- Ask people for opinions based off of their personal experiences in the field and use their opinions to gain more knowledge, 4- Lastly now that you have tons of knowledge on the field, try and experiment on subjects within the field in your own creative ways to find the latest and greatest ways to be successful in that field. Once you follow this process or at least take a few pointers from it, you will find your self going from seeking advice to giving advice. Knowledge is always a powerful tool to have when trying to achieve something.

If you carefully read these 5 points gone over in this article and use them to assess yourself, you can easily find errors in your processes of trying to achieve your goals. Once you have found those errors you can turn them the other way around and re-establish a better game plan so you can be one step closer than ever before to achieving your goals. Being highly successful takes a long time and if it were easy everyone would do it. Find what you want most in life and make it happen, if you truly want it, you will truly have it and no-one can stop you from achieving it. You have one life so live it! Start achieving today!

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