Why you should wake up before 6:00 AM

Assuming you are the average American with an everyday schedule that starts around 8:00 AM and ends around 11:00 PM ( Waking To Sleeping ) this article is directed towards you. If you don’t fall under that category that’s ok because you can still take some useful tips from reading this article. Let me first start off by saying I wake up at 4:30 AM every morning… yes, I said 4:30 AM. Im not loosing any sleep by waking up earlier because I go to bed around 8:00 PM. Some may think I’m insane but the whole reasoning behind why I wake up at this time is to get up and get my day started long before it needs to. There are many perks of starting your day this early and there are positive outcomes that follow them. Lets go over what happens when you do this and how it can help you in life:

Getting past the ” Groggy ” Phase earlier:

When I wake up at 4:30 I Immediately pour my coffee and begin perking up. By the time I get to work I’m already wide awake and have enough energy to get my work done faster.

Enjoy some alone time

If you’re waking up before 6:00 AM there’s a good chance that you’ll be the only one awake in the house, so you can use this time to enjoy some peace and quiet. This is also a good time to meditate or do some peaceful yoga.

Beat the lines and traffic

If you’re trying to get somewhere before others do, like to the gym or a store, you can use waking up this early to your advantage and get a head start. Also traffic is usually a lot lighter if you’re out driving at this time.

Going to bed earlier

Since you’ll be waking up so early you’ll also need to go to bed early as well. I prefer laying down in bed around 7:30 – 8:00 PM to ensure I am getting enough sleep every night. Going to bed earlier can help people with many problems such as, breaking a habit of eating late desserts, watching TV to late, or missing out on quality sleep.

Getting the day done earlier

If you can get up early and knock out your chores in the morning quickly, you wont have to worry about them later in the day. I like to go ahead and lay out dinner, wash dishes, do laundry, and catch up on anything else before work that way when I get home I can just relax because I got my day done earlier.

Have time for new new things

Since you’ll free up some time in the day by being so productive and getting things done earlier, you can start utilizing this time to try out some new hobbies. Start watching a new show, or start a new project in the yard, or even start that business you always dreamed of having.

Putting yourself on a schedule

Having a daily schedule is great for productivity, and since you’ll be scheduling yourself to wake up and go to sleep at the same time everyday you can also schedule yourself to get your work done at a certain time, or go workout at the same time daily, or get any productive task done routinely. Having a schedule will open up so many opportunities for you to stay productive.

Less Stress

I found my stress levels go down when I started waking up early because I wasn’t dragging my tired self to work or trying to rush to get ready. I wake up early enough to easily get those things done and by the time I need to start working I’m already out of my groggy phase and I’m awake and energetic. Also getting your work done earlier in the day can make you a-lot happier!

I hope these examples of positive things that happen when you wake up before 6:00 AM will motivate you to give it a try. Always remember ” If you want different results in life, you must do something different ” Good luck!

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  1. very informative, thanks…

  2. I used to wake up at 5:30 and noticed all of this. Definitely going to start doing it again.

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