How To Stay Motivated

Staying Motivated over long periods of time toward a certain goal is hard and frustrating. Everyone goes through times of low and high motivation and it can either slow or boost your potential of achieving success. We might see a cool movie scene, or hear a certain song, or meet a specific person and gain great motivation out of it, but keeping that motivation alive over time is tricky and sometimes unavoidable. That being said there are tricks that can steer your motivation in ways that can avoid the non motivating times while still going forward towards your goal. In this post we are going to cover 5 ways to stay motivated particularly in the Gym, in Dieting, and in other common goals such as Business, Finance, and Relationships. Let First go over tips for staying motivated in the Gym:

Staying Motivated In The Gym:

-Convince one of your friends to start training with you / Find new workout partner

-Try out a new style of workouts

-Try new supplements

-Find a new program

-Try a new Gym

All of these points will keep you looking forward to something new whether its something as big as a joining new gym or something as small as a trying new flavor of protein at the end of your workout. You should be excited to workout everyday.

Staying Motivated On A Diet:

-Try new Foods for new flavors

-Challenge yourself / Make short term goals

-Try a diet with others, make it a competition

-Try a completely new diet that will achieve the same goal

-Cook the meals differently ( Baked Chicken or Grilled Chicken )

Diets are one of the hardest things to stay motivated on so trying some new techniques will keep it interesting and will keep you looking forward to the next meal.

Staying Motivated For Your Other Goals:

-Look back at what you’ve already accomplished and reach for more

-Make short term goals that will ultimately lead to long term ones

-Join Social Media groups and pages that share your common goal

-Find Motivation through others who have what you want

-Share your journey with others and fully commit to the process, now that they are watching you will feel pressured to keep going

Staying Motivated is tricky but it is just another obstacle to go over when you’re on the path to success. Learning to avoid less Motivating times will help you reach your goals and keep you working on the right path. Success is not easy and if you truly want to achieve it you must follow the process and never stop until you reach it.

-Aron Weatherford

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