How To Stick To Your Health Goals During Parties, Get Togethers, And Holidays

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Parties, Get Togethers, and Holidays are usually large obstacles in the way of our Fitness and Health goals. Usually these events come up sudden and we don’t have any time to prepare for them, but there are some tricks that I have learned over the years of how to swerve away from the bad, such as drinks and food, and turn toward the good. So Let’s go over over these tricks and explain how to use them.

1: Prepare

-If you have time to prepare for an upcoming event do so, bring snacks, water, or pre made meals so you won’t be forced to eat / drink whatever is there. If everyone is drinking alcohol and you don’t want to be the lonely man out, either have only a few drinks or dilute your drinks with more water than alcohol. Don’t shove it in peoples face that you aren’t making the same bad decisions they are, because if you do so that is when you will start to feel like an outcast and indulge into the bad yourself. Devouring your own pre made slice of chicken won’t hurt the French fries your uncle made. At the end of the event you will walk out with some confidence because you know you didn’t steer off the tracks of success this time.

-I also prepare for leading up to and for after the event, for example: I am going on vacation Thursday through Sunday, so I am going to do a extremely fatiguing workout on Tuesday and Wednesday so I can take off from exercise Thursday through Sunday to recover and be back to normal on Monday. Ive also been dieting very hard for the past 3 weeks and got my body weight lower than my initial gaol, therefore I can indulge in going off the diet a little during vacation and won’t be to effected by it. These small changes leading up to this vacation will put me in a better situation after the vacation compared to if I hadn’t done anything at all. If you see a obstacle coming, go ahead and prepare on how you’re going to get around it.

2: Plan

-If you’re going to a party or any event you should have a plan in mind before you get there. This plan should consist of things such as: When are you going to eat, how many glasses of water are you going to drink, how late are you going to stay, and Am I going to break my diet. Once you have this plan you can easily execute it and won’t feel bad about cheating or breaking your fitness / diet plans if you choose to do so. This plan should also consider how your choices will effect tomorrow such as: If I stay out to late tonight, will I be able to get my morning workout done tomorrow. Having a plan and preparing for what is coming will help you stay on the right path with your goals, don’t let one night derail your fitness / health train.

3: Learn When to Cheat

Sometimes when you’ve been on a hardcore diet or fitness plan it is important to let loose and ” cheat “. You can have one cheat meal or a few cheat drinks but don’t over-do it, don’t indulge in eating a whole cake or drinking a whole keg. When your with Family and Friends it is important to enjoy the moment and let loos a little but just remember to get back on track as soon as the event is over. Don’t let one birthday party turn into a 10 day eating binge.

Most Importantly: Look at your past, to judge what to do in the present, so you can have the future you want.

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