3 Easy Ways To Eat Healthier

We all could be eating healthier, but lack of willpower, knowledge, and self control holds us back. What if there was some simple ways of eating healthy that you could actually follow over time? Well there is. Below are 3 simple ways to start eating healthier now:

1: Quality Protein

Meat, Fish, Eggs, Cheese, Milk, and many other foods are high sources of Quality Protein. Eating more Protein than normal usually only leads to more waste ( poop ) and doesn’t really cause any health problems, unless you’re eating insanely massive amounts daily. Eating more Protein also usually means you’re more full and satisfied throughout the day since high Protein foods usually are heavy and filling. So if you eat 1 large Chicken Breast with dinner you might not be hungry enough for that piece of pie for desert. Now I’m not saying go out and eat massive amounts of Peanut Butter or chug a gallon of Milk because both of those would turn out bad and they are also considered ” Low Quality Proteins “. Im simply saying if you eat more and larger servings of ” High Quality Protein ” every meal you will set self up for success when people bring out the Popcorn or Cookies since you’ll already be full. Below is a list of High Quality Proteins you should be adding to every meal:

Chicken -Beef -Fish -Shellfish -Quinoa -Eggs -Milk -Cheese

2: Condiments

We’ve all suffered from covering our French fries in so much Ketchup we can’t even tell what we’re eating or lathering our Steak up with so much A1 you need a straw. Condiments do play a role in masking bad tasting food when you’re forced to eating them, but eating Broccoli isn’t so healthy when you chase it with a shot of Ranch Dressing after every bite. If you simply used more seasonings such as Oregano, Basil, Pepper, or Rosemary in place of your Mayonnaise or Ketchup you could cut down on some serious calories and still have an enjoyable meal. Going back to #1 on this article and eating more Protein combined with this tip and using less condiments you could be eating more food and feel more satisfied while staying healthier. If you still need condiments, try and stick to the ones listed below:

-Hot Sauce -No Sugar Condiments -Anything With 0 Calories / 0 Macros

3: Low Carb , Low Sugar

This is more for the serious dieter and may be harder than the other tips on this article. The Keto diet has been popular in recent age and basically all it consist of is eating foods with low carbs, low sugars, and high fats and protein. Keto is good for weight loss but it is also great for limiting yourself to steer away from the bad foods and turn towards the good and making healthier food decisions. On more tips about the Keto diet feel free to email weatherfordfitness@gmail.com Below are some examples of Keto meals:

-Steak and Butter -Chicken and Guacamole -Fish and Nuts

By changing some of these aspects of your eating habits you will most certainly see results. Eat Healthy and you’ll start to feel so much better you’ll never want to go back.

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