How To Successfully Burn Body Fat

There are endless supplies of false information on TV and the Internet about burning body fat. Most companies will try and sell you on false information that only benefits the seller. These companies place a confusing cloud around the whole subject so you keep paying them more, but realistically it actually isn’t as hard as they make it seem. Im here to teach you the correct simple and easy ways on how to realistically and successfully burn body fat. There is more than one way of doing so and I’m going to briefly go over my top choices from them. You could also combine 2 or more of these tips together for better results. Let’s start with Food.


We all know that food is extremely important for our health but we continuously remain to eat the same terrible meals day after day and never change. Ive found myself that small manipulation of food intake is the simplest way to change your physical appearance, the way you feel, and overall health. I feel that the easiest way to do so is to simply eat meat every meal and eat lots of it. All meat is pretty much fair game as long as your not drowning it in honey or BBQ sauce, but the best meats to eat would be: Chicken, Beef, and Salmon. If you usually eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast every day, but want to cut back on the sugars and carbs, simply eat a serving of meat first and you’ll find that you will be to full to eat your crappy, sugar filled, processed bowl of Frosted Flakes afterwards. Adding meat to each meal, and eating it first within that meal, will help you get fuller faster and leave you with no room for the bad foods. Meat also is the #1 source of Protein and Protein is the most important Macronutrient you can give your body, so eating more meat is a win win. Beef sticks, Beef jerky, Smoked Salmon, or any other meat snack is a good choice for when you’re feeling hungry. Another great way to fix your diet is to lower your carb intake. We all eat tons of carbs and some of us don’t even realize how much we actually consume. Foods that contain very high Carbs are: Potatoes, Bread, Pasta, Cookies, Rice, Chips, Pretty much any Fast Food, and Pizza. If you’re eating lots of these foods you probably are either always tired or overweight, or maybe both. High Carb diets lead to weight gain because Carbs are energy and when we eat energy ( Carbs ) our body has 2 options, either 1: use the energy now if exercising, or 2: store it for later as body fat. If you’re eating to many carbs than what your body can instantly use as energy you will have left over energy ( Carbs ) and that gets stored as body fat. Simply lowering our carb intake to meet our energy output we can avoid this fat storing process, and if you want to burn stored fat simply eat little to no carbs so your body is forced to pull that energy from your stored body fat. Keto / Atkins diet is great for lowering your carb intake but if you want to figure it out on your own just try to eat less carbs daily by reading nutritional labels and lower them slowly if your still fat and raise them slowly if you feel like you need more energy.

Lifestyle Changes:

Small lifestyle changes can aid you in weight loss. Even something as small as parking at the far end of the parking lot every time you go to the store can help in more ways than you think. Im going to list out a few simple changes for aiding weight loss and are easy to follow over time:

-Park Further Away From The Door Every Time

-Make Everything Physically Harder: Run To Mailbox, Do Air Squats When Brushing Teeth, Or Go Out To Buy Things Instead Of Ordering Them Online

-Go On Daily Walks

-Sit Less / Stand And Walk More

-Stop Sitting While Watching TV, Clean The House Or Do Chores While Watching Instead

-Exercise Routinely

Any small change that involves movement in place of sitting / being lazy will help. If you walk and stand up a lot more during the day you’ll burn more calories without exhausting yourself. These changes will also make you feel more productive and confident about your life.


Lastly but most importantly is commitment. If you don’t fully commit yourself to a plan or to achieving a goal you’ll never actually succeed. Everyone has problems with committing because let’s be real here, its hard! Below I’m going to list out a few tips on how to stay committed and how to stay on track with your goals:

-Enter A Competition Based On Your Goals ( 5K, Physique Show, Powerlifting Meet, etc. )

Take Up Physically Active Hobbies ( Walking, Fishing, Biking, Hiking, etc. )

-Give Yourself Rewards To Good Habits ( Finally Ran Instead Of Sitting = 1 Small Cheat Snack )( Don’t Take Advantage Of These Or Over Do A Cheat )

-Give Negative Results To Bad Habits ( Ate To Much Cake At Party = Wake Up At 5:00 AM And Run Next Day ) ( The Goal Is To Combine Bad Habits With Bad Results So You Don’t Want To Do Them Anymore, Don’t Develop Bulimia )

-Schedule Cheat Meals Weeks In Advance To Give Yourself A Small Reward To Work Towards To

Anything that keeps you to work towards something and keeping you motivated will work. You should find what works best for you and stick to it.


We’ve went over some tips on Diet, Lifestyle, and staying Committed but none of them will work if you don’t do them. Change requires action and you can’t just sit around and wish your fat off, you need to get up off the couch and do something. If you really want to succeed in something you will do it. If you don’t really want to succeed you won’t. A kid who hates playing basketball will never be in the NBA because he will never be as committed and motivated as the other guys. Find out what you really want to achieve in life and go for it.

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