About Us:

Head Coach:

-Head Coach Aron Weatherford has been pushing his physical boundaries in sport from a young age. Starting out as a long distance runner winning 5K races at the age of 9, to learning Brazilian Ju Jitsu at 12, to becoming a wrestler 14, to running Cross County at 15, to becoming a competitive Powerlifter until current day. Sport has taught him the importance of training methodologies and training effort over time, which encouraged him to learn from the best coaches available to him. Constantly reading and learning from others Aron Weatherford strives to be the best Coach he can possibly be.

How Pioneered Strength Started:

-Starting in Aron’s Garage gym by himself he began to ask others to train with him. His new training partners invited more friends and those friends brought more, and eventually became large enough to start a profitable training business. The team learned methods from reading, watching videos, experimenting, and listing to others and acquired the knowledge to become as strong as they can be in the weight room. Every person that has walked through the doors of Pioneered Strength has made an increase in strength, proving that the knowledge learned is correct and works for everyone.

Training Methods:

-The methods that were used by Soviet Weightlifters in mid to late 1900’s are the same methods used by current Chinese Weightlifters and are the same methods used by the strongest Powerlifters on earth, and now are the methods used by Pioneered Strength. Louie Simmons at Westside Barbell is the man who brought these methods to main stream in the US, and is usually referred to as the Conjugate Sequence System. This system has a large exercise selection and many training methods that can be interchangeable between lifters or time of season. Understanding these methods is extremely important to Pioneered Strength trainees so that they can all be part of the learning and planning processes with the coach.

Gym Culture:

-Culture is of large importance at Pioneered Strength. Cheering on, being competitive, loud music, understanding each others struggles, and holding each other accountable are all things found in our gym daily. Other trainees that start out as strangers might end up being life long friends after the supportive connection that we all share is made.

Our Future:

-Pioneered Strength is constantly trying to improve both inside and outside qualities of our business. Learning new training methods, purchasing new equipment, moving to a larger space are all things we are constant pushing towards to improve inside qualities. Selling apparel, advertising, communication skills, and brand awareness are outside qualities we try to improve. Not only becoming larger as a brand, but improving the quality of our training and products are the stepping stones that lead us to our future as a business.