Weatherford Fitness is not your normal gym / training source. We do not take the path of least resistance to reach a goal. We consistently push our limits and strive to reach our goals. That being said, you will not see trainees talking about the newest Netflix show or how the gas prices have increased during their workouts. You will not see trainees playing on their phones or doing anything else outside of their workout. At Weatherford Fitness we train hard, we sweat, we crank the music loud, and finish our sets with full intensity.

The Owner:

Hi! I’m Aron Weatherford owner of Weatherford Fitness, I have been into fitness since I ran my first 5K when I was 10 years old in 2007. Since then I have played multiple sports and achieved various goals in fitness from winning a Powerlifting Competition to running a 19:00 5K. I started to share my fitness journey in 2016 on social media and ever since then tons of friends and people from all over have come to me for advice about fitness. I started to get so many questions I figured I should start doing something from this, so I started training close friends and studying / testing various diets and exercise varieties on them and myself. Now that years have gone by I have acquired tons of valuable information on how the human body works and reacts to different stress, whether it may be a new workout or a change in diet. I have put all this information together to form multiple ways to achieve a lean, chiseled, strong, athletic, superhuman like body and made this info available through my programs. As I take on more and more clients every month I learn more about different body types and how they work. I hope to continue this journey with my clients and achieve greater things together! Ive always put my best effort when it comes to fitness and health and I know this industry is my calling, I hope to change peoples life one set at a time.